GLC Community

The GLC Community is a dynamic group of individuals exploring distributed leadership and new methodologies of collaboration and conversation in service of an evolved society.

In order to progress as a human race, we believe we must seek diverse and divulging viewpoints in order to come up with new perspectives not currently in sight.

Today's challenges demand that we come together to think collectively in new ways. We need to seek inspiration from perspectives we would never have considered in the past. We need to be aware of how our way of being, thinking, acting and relating impact those around us.

For organizations, that means business with a single-minded focus on profits will no longer take us where we need to go as a society. Instead corporations must take into consideration all the communities they touch. Those that can successful do this will be around for the long term.

It is with this understanding that we have come together, to embrace our emerging future as it unfolds. If you would like to join us in this exploration please contact us.

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Impact HUB Tokyo

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Impact Hub

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Wesley Center

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