Movement/Anatomy of Organisations - ムーブメント - 組織の身体

Fri, 20 Nov 2015 18:30 - 21:30 JST

US Hanzomon Building, 5F - US半蔵門ビル 5F

5F, US Hanzomon Building, 2-13, Hayabusacho, Chiyoda-ku 東京都千代田区隼町2-13 US半蔵門ビル5F


GLC Presents... Movement/Anatomy of Organizations
When: Fri 20 Nov
Where: Hanzomon Building, 5F

This innovative event will bring our leadership laboratory to new places. Combining playfulness with professionalism we will experience how we put our anatomy to work: both physically and metaphorically.

Join us to experiment, in a safe environment, with the interplay and alignment between the parts of an organization and the strategic whole. Like the anatomy of our body, the degree of alignment in an organization can create "synergistic coherence" ...or not!

We will use our body and movement to better understand our selves in relationship with team members, business units, senior leaders and/or the organization as a whole. First we explore embodied ways of relating to others. Then we debrief the metaphor to bring tangible new insights for business challenges; insights with the power to create adaptive, dynamic and innovative teamwork robust enough to tackle the toughest challenges to rock the organization.

The Global Leadership Community (GLC) is a dynamic self-organizing community dedicated to innovate distributed leadership and other methodologies of collaboration. Our purpose is to nurture diverse communities of self-aware leaders who can address the challenges of our time.

We create events as opportunities to explore new forms of leadership and collaboration. Participants vary in professional background and experience, including a healthy mix from for-profit and non-profit, domestic and global enterprises. We provide a space to connect and learn from one another, showcasing activities to promote greater efficiency and fulfillment at work.

Please join us Nov 20!

The Nov 20 Movement / Anatomy of Organizations Will take place at the US Hanzomon Blvd near Hanzomon Station, Exit 1

Turn RIGHT out of Exit 1 to the traffic lights.
Cross over 2 zebra Crossings to Walk DOWN the hill on the Opposite side of the Road, 1 min.

Look for the PINK CAT Sign next to the Small car Park.

ムーブメント - 組織の身体
場所:US半蔵門ビル 5F



安心・安全な場で、どうぞご一緒に、イベントにご参加ください。皆様が属する組織の中で皆様の立ち位置と、それが組織全体に及ぼす影響や協力関係を身体を通してご実感いただけます。人の身体の生体構造と同じく、組織においても協力関係の度合いが“相乗的結合”の実現を可能にします….. あるいはまた、不可能にもします!


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